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Credit Card Processing at Eagle Merchant Services

Eagle Merchant Services offers credit card processing for all merchant types including traditional retail, restaurants, home-based, start-ups, e-commerce and seasonal.   We also provide smaller, low volume and non-traditional merchants with credit card transaction processing even if their local banks turn them away.

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Retail and Restaurant Merchant Account
Retail and Restaurant Merchant Account
Phone and Mail Order Merchant Account
Phone and Mail Order Merchant Account
Internet Merchant Account
Internet Merchant Account
Wireless Merchant Account
Wireless Merchant Account
Seasonal and Low Volume Merchant Account
Seasonal and Low Volume Merchant Account

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Need Help?

If you require assistance with selecting the right merchant account or credit card equipment for your business, just call us at 1-800-255-0898 to speak to a specialist.

Eagle Merchant Services offers credit card processing at the lowest cost - guaranteed!  You won't pay any minimum monthly fees and you'll receive knowledgeable and friendly 24 / 7 customer support.

With Eagle Merchant Services you'll gain time-tested experience and dedicated customer service reducing your time reconciling your bank account, managing charge backs, or checking on fund deposits. Our current merchants rave about our service and how it helps them streamline and control costs for their business.

Lowest Cost Credit Card Processing

Don't worry about hidden fees or committing to long-term contracts with Eagle Merchant Services. 

We only provide you with the lowest cost - guarantee which means:


  • No Application Fees

  • No Annual Fees

  • No Early Cancellation Fees

  • No Contract Terms

  • No Monthly Minimums

  • No American Express Setup Fees

  • No Discover Setup Fees

  • No Charge for Paper Supplies

  • No Charge for Superior 24/7 Customer Support

  • No Internet Gateway Setup Fees

  • No Fees for Terminal Processing Warranty

Our business success depends on your long-term satisfaction. Eagle Merchant Services has over 10-years of history setting up merchant accounts and processing credit cards.  We remain committed to unequal quality and superior client satisfaction.

Need proof of our superior client satisfaction? Our client loyalty rate is one of the highest in the industry.  Our average working relationship with a merchant is 5.5 years! Compare this to the industry average of just 2.5.

Our dedicated specialists give personal attention along with multiple processing options to every merchant, allowing us to deliver you the best service and value.  

It's our promise - merchant accounts, credit card processing and credit card machines at the lowest cost - guaranteed. Apply for credit card processing now or if you prefer, dial 1-800-255-0898 to speak with a specialist.  We'll calculate your rates and total costs and help you get started processing credit cards right away!

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Credit Card Equipment
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